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About Us

Dear Visitor, welcome to the website of the Porchettaro sandwich bar!

We opened the first sandwich shop in Budapest at Pozsonyi utca 7, where we make sandwiches made exclusively from the city of Ariccia (PDO of porchetta).

We have chosen our Italian partner so that we can guarantee the outstanding quality of the sandwiches we make, the perfect taste experience, providing our guests with real Italian culinary enjoyment .

The sandwiches can be eaten on spot or delivered to your home.

italian baugette

Porchetta sandwhich

Porchetta is a roasted meat made from high-quality pork, originated in the town of Ariccia near Rome. The meat product is cooked with skin which leaves it with a golden crispy crust. The mouth-watering taste and appetizing intense aroma of roast meat immediately wins the heart of meat lovers.

It can be eaten hot / cold, we can make a sandwich from it, but you can also consume it on a cold plate, with salad, tomatoes and pickles.


1. Selection of meats: The secret of high quality PORCHETTA is the selection of fresh, tasty pork.

2. Salting: Salted, seasoned meat is tied on a skewer, this way the heat is distributed evenly inside the meat during roasting.

3. Bandaging: The pig is tied to an aluminum skewer, the main function of which is to dissipate the heat inside the meat and fry the crust.

4. Roasting: Depending on the thickness of the meat, the meat is baked in an oven on a skewer at a temperature between 230 and 260 degrees Celsius.

5. After frying: The meat is let to cool down, then it gets its perfect texture.

“It has a great taste, although I live a little far away, I order breakfast from here at least once a week.” Mo – Gastroblogger

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Opening Hours

Monday: AM 10:00 – PM 10:00
Tuesday: AM 10:00 – PM 10:00
Wednesday: AM 10:00 – PM 10:00
Thursday: AM 10:00 – PM 10:00
Friday: AM 10:00 – PM 10:00
Saturday: AM 10:00 – PM 10:00 Sunday: AM 10:00 – PM 10:00



Pozsonyi út 7. Budapest, 1137

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